Monday, December 8, 2008

Social Media for Social Change Workshop

I’m back from Brazil and in Kenya now for the Social Change for Social Media workshop. There are about 25 of us here and the first day was really really good. I learned tons of stuff from everyone here. It’s about 6:00 and most everyone is still here in the workshop room, doing email and stuff. We are going into “Bar Chats” in a few minutes – where people can just suggest topics that they want to discuss and form groups to do it. Photo: Lukenya Getaway

We have tried live broadcasting some of the talks – some worked some didn’t. And we’re testing a blog on a site called Maneno. The link is Under SM4SC workshop you can find it.... I couldn't get my photos to post there so I thought I'd revert to here to put some up. Photo: Tonee from Wazimba blogging. Erik from White African/Ushahidi and Mativo and Anthony from Plan Kenya.

Will post more this week.
Photo: Erik starting his talk.


  1. Sounds like a great session and already inspiring ideas and action - for livecasting check out - we've used it and is free and easy :-)

  2. Hey DK! we did use UStream but guess they were having some issues and our connection was sketchy at times.... but ok for a pilot I guess! :-) wish you'd have been there....