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Monday, December 22, 2008


Whew. It's 5.25 a.m. and I am just about off the the airport to go to Los Angeles with my kids to see my 2 brothers who live there, the one who doesn't, and the parents. We have tons of snow here so I got to enjoy 3 days of it and now can escape it to warmer climates. It should be fun! Just kinda hoping it rains on Christmas as my mom wants to spend it at Disneyland, and I'm not too keen on that. Christmas is commercial enough without spending it at the mecca of commercialism! (Sorry mom if you still read this!) But yeah, if we go it will still be good since my family is great...

I spent the weekend subtitling the Senegal films so there are several up on YouTube now. The rest I'm either missing translations or the actual video files, but I think Ayla (our intern) and I will resolve that after Jan 5. The films are quite good, so I'll be happy to finally see them up on the website when it's ready.

Last week I cleared through my last emails and only have 5 in my inbox! I had to update the Nokia proposal and budget and get going on some of the prep work for next year so we can get started on time. It should be a good year and I'm excited about it.

Over vacation I am determined to figure out my new YETAM mobile phone. After the SM4SC workshop, I decided I needed to become a real mobile user and stop just using the phone for texting and calls. So I purchased the N-82 that we had in the project budget and plan to figure it all out over the break. I figured out the camera already, how to access my gmail and get Twitter updates, but can't get into Yahoo. And there is all kinds of software linked to my laptop and 'home network' that I need to figure out so I can pass photos, music, etc back and forth. It should be fun to master....

Nicolaas just sent me my first YouTube music video by email to the phone, so it's looking promising....

Happy Holidays and here's to a fun-filled New Year full of new and exciting projects!

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