Thursday, December 18, 2008

Almost vacation time...

Only 2 days left and I will take my first real vacation since over a year ago. Strangely enough this is a real challenge for me. I've become such a work and laptop addict that the idea of not working for 2 weeks is pretty stressful. I need it though to come back fresh and relaxed for what will be another packed year.

Mika and I worked on the workshop follow up yesterday morning and we are thinking that instead of doing a long workshop report, we could make the whole report a blog. We will go back and post a day-by-day summary of it with links to the presentations and where hopefully people can comment. Then we can use the blog as a follow up and sharing/discussion tool as people more forward with their ideas and implementation. Hopefully we can develop some readership within Plan for the blog and it can become a platform for active (and interactive) sharing and learning. Of course we'll make traditional report too for those that may want it...

Since the workshop, just in the 3 days this week, we've seen a lot of stuff happening within Plan. I think the week really motivated people. A few people started their own blogs. We've been getting the personal action plans back from participants saying how they will incorporate social media/new technology/mobiles into their work plans this year. I also shared the idea of using Frontline/ Ushahidi for humanitarian organizations with a few people inside Plan in terms of how we could be more organized after a disaster.

In the US office, I heard that the health advisor is looking into incorporating mobile applications into a new group of proposals on child survival.

I am working hard on proposals for this calendar year and all that goes along with that... budget, action plan, program planning, etc. Plus we are trying our hardest to get the website up and running. Let's see what I can get accomplished in 2 days still!

Much to be done, but all fulfilling!

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