Friday, December 26, 2008

YETAM Senegal almost set

Not really working, since I'm on vacation, but almost done with the translations for the YETAM Senegal videos. Just about 5 more to go. They are finishing up 2 of the videos with scenes from school when school starts, and there are 2 more to upload to dotsub, about 4 to translate, and we're done with the first set. After dotsub, then I just upload the translations to the closed caption program on YouTube so now you can watch them in French and English. We still need to upload some of the videos to YouTube, but Ayla's going to get that done starting Jan 5. Photo: Alex, me, Mike at Laguna Beach on Wednesday.

The website creation is also moving. AK the web company is building it with a bunch of the recommendations that people gave during the SM4SC workshop and other ideas we had awhile ago.

I'm in Los Angeles still and we're off today to visit UCLA and USC, my favorite Mexican restaurant, La Barca, and Griffith Park. I'm going to meet up with my college roommate while the kids and my brothers go to the zoo. Then we're meeting some extended family -- the kids' only cousins, whom we haven't seen for about 10 years. Should be a good day!

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