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Monday, June 16, 2008

Pesky Mosquito

Had a good first day in Dakar. Lunch was nice – crepes and veggies on the beach. It’s always a challenge to find vegetarian stuff in certain parts of the world, but the peanuts here are amazingly good, and Mie took us to a quickmart owned by an Indian man and there was tons of Indian quick-to-prepare food, and of course the mangoes and other fruit is perfect, so we’ll be fine.  (Photo is Ben, Mie and Joa)

We spent the afternoon at Mie’s house with her son Ben, and a few other people stopped over including Julie and her baby Noe. He’s adorable, really chubby and just turning 2 months old. Mie’s partner Joaquim who works at UNICEF came home from a meeting in Hungary and they drove us home – and realized why I couldn’t explain where I live now! It took us about 30 minutes driving around the neighborhood to find Villa 1223.

Clare and I took cold showers, goofed around a little and read a couple chapters of On the Shores of Silver Lake (part of the Little House on the Prairie series) and then crashed. She woke up about 4.30 covered in giant mosquito bites (hoping Mie was right that the ones that carry malaria are the ones that buzz in your ears, because these were silent…. And really hard to find so we couldn’t even kill them because they disappeared once the lights were on) and stressing about going to camp here on Monday since she won’t know anyone and will have to go in a taxi by herself with Abdoulaye the Plan driver and she doesn’t speak French.

Today we are going to Goree Island, which was one of the largest ports where slaves were housed before going onto the ships for the Americas.

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