Thursday, June 19, 2008


First let me apologize for the 3 posts in one -- I had written them but couldn't get on line to post them.  I will try to caption any photos.  And if you see a photo with an arrow below it, it's actually a video!

So I decided also to transfer all my emails from when I last backed up my computer to my hard drive so I could work on them even without internet.  They cut the power here most days from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and then the generator kicks in, but it makes the internet go on and off too.

So after doing that, I come in after lunch yesterday, boot up the computer and get the blue sceeen of death -- fatal system error.... trying not to think about it.  And feeling really lonely without it -- I've become quite attached to my laptop!  Not to mention I don't want to have to deal with getting all my email, files and software back!  My phone hasn't worked since I got here, so I'm a bit out of touch.  I borrowed a phone from Joa and got a sim card today, so hopefully I will soon be connected. 

I did get a chance to skype with Daniel, and today when I finally got on a computer just now, he'd written to say Mom!  I got straight A's.  So that's super good news.  I will call him later if the sim card and phone card combo works.

Things aren't so great with me given the laptop deal, but Clare's doing alright at least -- settling in super well and made a new friend at camp.  We moved in to Mie's house night before last and have been eating well ever since. Lots of fruits and bread, cheese, etc.  We ate really good Ethiopian food last night.  And today Julie brought us a hair brush to borrow since Clare forgot hers and we couldn't find any here.

Rwanda postponed their training, so we're trying to figure out how we can keep on track.  We had a great meeting with the Plan Senegal team yesterday to plan for their part of the project.I also handed their equipment over to them. Seems like it will be pretty neat.  Today Julie and I have been working the whole day to develop the training workshop that starts on the 30th.  We want to be sure everyone in all the participating countries has a shared vision of the project. People are really liking the Flip Cameras and I have requests to purchase a dozen already!  

OK off to have a small coffee.  Been so exhausted since I got here....


  1. Linda, your blog is great. It really does a nice job of highlighting the persoanl and professional aspects of your trip.


  2. Linda. You are seriously one of my heroes.
    I love you and miss you guys!