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Monday, June 16, 2008

Ile de Goree

Took a boat to the Isle of Goree yesterday. It has the famous 'Door of no return' where slaves were held and then marched onto ships for the Americas. The small colonial town is gorgeous and quite laid back, nice beach. Hard to believe all the sadness that must have happened there along with the other African ports where slaves were traded. (photo of the famous door, and video of Goree below!)

We had some food (our vegetarian meals at restaurants appear to be a consistent rice and french fries) and spent a bit of time on the beach, and then walked around until our ferry back at 4.30.

We had dinner at Mie's house (she's a fabulous cook!). Since Villa 1223 has no kitchen service, I think we're going to move into Mie's house. She's got lots of space and is going to be gone for 10 days to Benin and Togo, and we'll be able to cook and it's closer to the office.

Clare started camp this morning. She was a bit teary and quite nervous about language and not knowing anyone. She will come to the office around 1 so we'll see how she did. We had our first big rain of the season here today and it's really humid.

Started work about 9 at the office with a quick tour around and some chats with Julie and Stefanie, my main point person at the West Africa Regional Office (WARO). We launched the West Africa child media website today:, where the project I'm working on will most likely reside.

Julie and I called Plan Rwanda to coordinate a few things. Clare called right after that saying she would stay at Stefanie's house for the afternoon and go to the Trampoline on the beach where kids go to bounce around. This morning she said she wanted to come into the office, so the fact that she's staying with Stefanie's kids is a good sign that she's feeling more comfortable!

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