Thursday, February 4, 2010

Child Protection: from Emergency Response to a Sustainable Mechanism

There is a lot of talk about “Child Protection” these days and an increased awareness of the vulnerability of children who are separated from their parents or who have lost them due to the Haiti earthquake   But what exactly does “Child Protection” mean?  What does a child protection system look like on the ground?  How can child protection mechanisms be set up during an emergency phase, and how can they be turned into a sustainable mechanism post-crisis? .... Continue reading this post....

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  1. Great information Linda, and very relevant for Haiti. There is a request for materials on Child Protection in French, an any assistance on this regard is welcome. Please let us know when we can have access to the toolkit from Timor Leste online. Regards from this side of the Atlantic, from Plan Guatemala, greetings from Jose.

  2. Nice to hear from you Jose! Let me see what I can find in French. I'll also email you the Timor Leste toolkit, and copy Quico so that you can be in touch with him if you have any questions. cheers, Linda