Friday, January 15, 2010

Ushahidi in Haiti: What's Needed Now

My main experience with disasters comes from working at an international development organization in El Salvador and happening to be the only senior manager who wasn't on annual vacation when a huge earthquake struck almost exactly 9 years ago, on January 13, 2001.  The rush to act was immediate, and it was a lot of learning by doing.  I got handed the responsibility by fate I suppose and didn't do such a bad job of it, if I do say so.  At that time we were pretty unprepared; something that has certainly changed since then in the organization where I work.  We now have country level disaster plans at hand and support a lot of disaster risk reduction and preparedness work with local communities and governments.  Continue reading here at Wait... What's new home!


  1. Thanks for the post, Linda! We're hoping the 200 short code will be up and running by morning, and we will keep you posted.


  2. Great Josh! I just updated this post to include the working 4636 short code. Kudos to you and the team, and many many thanks from everyone too. Linda