Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Today we actually made it out to the community. Yay! The kids went around and did several interviews and filmed background shots. They covered the topics of disabilities and traditional beliefs linked to them, dance traditions and their links to marriage and development issues, and started stories on the town cleaners (the group that helps keep the town clean), and economic activities in the community.

We visited the office of the Community Based Organization (CBO) where the Chairman (who's participating in the workshop) is heading up the work of some 64 organized groups, including women's groups, youth groups, and others. I hadn't realized the extent of the work that he's managing. Pretty major thing.

I spent a little time hanging out in front of a house where a lady has a little sewing shop. The kids were playing out front and it was cool to see that they played similar games to other places -- dodge ball, marbles, etc. Pretty universal I guess.

The power was out in the afternoon so the youth worked on storyboards to use during editing, and started some storyboards for tomorrow. I'm excited to see how the edited films come out!


  1. ow it depends on connectivity but looking forward to seeing some of the work online :-)

  2. yep yep! just waiting on the english translations and i'll get the videos posted!