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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kids Arrive, Technology Fails

The Adobe-Flip solution doesn’t work, so looks like we will have to open all the files with movie maker, put them on the editing timeline, and then export them, then re-import from moviemaker to adobe for editing. What a pain!

The kids came around 10 and we started with small groups moving around, meeting people we didn’t know. Asking each other questions to get to know each other. One of the groups was really interested in why I’m no longer married, why did the marriage break up, where are my children, and I could tell they felt really sorry for me. It was hard to explain that it wasn’t a big deal…. And that it’s really common in the US and other places. I showed them some pictures of Clare and some of the guys got really interested. One of them said he was going to send her a present.

The youth worked on making a map of the community to lay out the community boundaries and the different places in the community, including assets like water, infrastructure, crops, people, organizations, etc. The map is basically a tool to stimulate discussion around what resources the community has, which are not being tapped into, which are good things yet could be improved, etc. The kids added things to the map as they discussed. They tried also to capture any social structures within the community on the map.

And speaking of maps - here's where I actually am!

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