Sunday, February 8, 2009

Travel Snafu. Ugh.

After pizza we tried to watch Madagascar 2, which Clare’s husband had brought back from Morocco, but Dalila and I were falling asleep so we crashed early and slept for what seemed like forever… but which was actually about 8 a.m.! Had a morning coffee with the girls and took off for the airport for my 2.30 flight. Was sorry to leave. Maybe someday I'll move to Amsterdam.

My flight out was delayed because of snow in Paris, and then the Paris flight was delayed too. We sat on the runway for 4 hours waiting to leave! Argh. So I didn’t get into Bamako (Mali) until about 3.00 in the morning. My luggage was lost of course (Air France seems to be notorious for that) so I had to report it, so I didn't get to the hotel even until about 4. Bedo from the YETAM project is coming to get me tomorrow at 8…. Thinking twice about actually going. I kind of have to, but right now it seems like an impossible feat…. I'm just sooo exhausted.

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