Saturday, November 28, 2009

The real story involves anti-social entrepreneurs and anthropology.

People often ask me 2 questions.  How did I end up spending the 90s in El Salvador and how did I get into NGO work?  I usually give the 140 character verbal version. But the turning point was 20 years ago this week. So here is the longer story.  continue reading....

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  1. How wonderful! This is a great piece of not only personal writing, but very illuminating from anthropological perspective. Salvadorenos are wonderful people...I love the part regarding the gift of a new toilet seat from your in-laws. Quite thoughtful actually!

  2. And here I thought I had an interesting path to NGO land... All I can say is, You Go Girl!

  3. feelings' footfalls
    twenty years a milestone
    fleeting are our days

  4. No Brasil, costumamos dizer que a primeira impressão é a que fica... No seu caso, esta máxima se confirmou para mim. Quando te vi, tive a sensação de ter me deparado com um sol. E definitivamente, eu estava certa. A sua história é linda e delicada como você. Aliás, não tinha como ser diferente. Fiquei emocionada!! Beijos, Amorzinha!