Sunday, August 24, 2008

Muhazi Weekend

We attempted breakfast at the hotel but it was more eggs which Chrystel couldn’t really deal with, so we got ready and walked over to the restaurant that we’d been at last night and sat out on a table on the dock over the water for most of the day, having a big lunch and listening to music and just relaxing. We went for a boat ride on the lake as well before going back to the hotel for a nap and then going back out to the restaurant again. Photo: Lake Muhazi.

Olivier came back from Kigali, and now we also had Brian, Chrystel’s friend from Uganda, with us. We danced all night to Conogolese, Ugandan, and Rwandan music, taking pictures. The next morning there was no water and we were all very tired. We went over to the restaurant for a long lunch and then back to the Kirimuruzi hotel for a 2.00 meeting to get ready for the week ahead. Photo: dinner!

The main thing for this week is getting the 3 areas (arts, media and video) to come up with a full schedule to meet the ‘production’ goals for the website. We also had some logistics to deal with, like getting transportation for the crews that were going to be making the map of the area (the arts group) and the ones who would be going out to shoot video. That plus the bathroom situation at the training center is abominable. We are supposed to be getting someone to clean a few times a week.

Chrystel went back to Kigali to take care of some more logistics and the rest of us went to bed around 10. The electricity in my room is out so it’s candles now.

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