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Friday, July 18, 2008

2 weeks already!

I can't believe I've been back so long and haven't posted anything. There was a lot to catch up on at the house (as in my dear son Daniel didn't clean for the last 3 weeks and there was no food except the moldy stuff that was still there from before I left....). Work was also a bit of a catch up, being back at the office and seeing what was up with the youth engagement team and the rest of the office. The first thing I did was try to sort through all the big initiatives that I'm working on to see if I can actually do them all in a quality way. Starting now I need to start saying 'no' or I will be in too deep with stuff.

We are almost finished with the 4 Virtual Visits that we've done through the US office. The Dominican Republic should be done next week and then we just have to finish El Salvador. It will be nice to have that off my plate as they were hanging there for awhile without being finished. Good experience though to know exactly what needs to be done for the new ones, and how long it takes, and some good ways of going about it., the website we use for subtitling will be moving to their new site next week, and it's looking great. Michael called me tonight though to let me know that the virtual visit maps don't show up on Firefox with a Mac so need to figure out what's going on there....

Lots is going on in the US office with the plan to work in more new technology and social media so I'm happy about that. I worked with the new strategic operations vice president on a short concept paper linking constituency building, youth engagement and new technology together to present to the executive team to see how we can really get going. I think it's a good niche for us as an organization because we have so much global experience with child and youth media.

OK more later, hopefully with photos so it's easier to keep reading....

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